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USA Swimming Meets recently concluded and / or  currently Scheduled in the greater San Antonio Metropolitan Area, plus certain others of possible local interest.


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PLEASE NOTE: The Entry Deadlines noted are absolutely the latest date entries will be accepted by the MEET HOST.  Most clubs establish internal deadlines that will generally be somewhat or even a great deal earlier.

This Page was last updated on 11/25/2014

Please also review the important notes at the bottom of this page!

X= File IS NOT available

 = File IS available

 = Meet is NOT scored

= Entries via On-line Meet Entries. Click on the checkmark

= SwmmBkup File

2014 - 2015 Short Course Season

Date(s) Meet Venue Entry Deadline
and Status




OME / SBF Scores Results Commlink
 Sep 27 AAAA SC Progressive Series I (B+) Davis Concluded! X X X
 Oct 12 AAAA SC "C" Meet #1 San Antonio Natatorium Concluded! X X X AM
 Oct 19 Northside Fall Time Trials NS 1604 Outdoors Concluded! X X X
 Oct 25 & 26 AAAA SC Progressive Series II (B+) Davis Concluded! X X X
 Nov 01 Fastest Swimmers in Texas Davis Concluded! X X X
 Nov 01 & 02 AAAA / Nadadores (B+) San Antonio Natatorium Concluded! X X X
 Nov 08 AAAA SC "C" Meet #2 Palo Alto Concluded! X X X
 Nov 15 & 16  AAAA SC Progressive Series III (B+) Davis Concluded! X X X
 Dec 07 AAAA SC "C" Meet #3
 Dec 13 & 14 AAAA / Nadadores Slower than "BB"
San Antonio Natatorium Dec 2nd X X X

Dec 13 & 14

AAAA / NS Winter Wonderland (B+)
STA-14-97 / Meet Information and HYV File revised 11/12/14
NS 1604 Indoors Dec 1st X X X X


 Jan 10 AAAA SC "C" Meet #4 Palo Alto Dec 30th X X X X X X
 Jan 10 & 11 STSI SC "B" Championships
San Antonio Natatorium Dec 30th X X X X
 Jan 17  AAAA SC Progressive Series IV (B+)
Davis Jan 6th X X X
 Jan 18 Alamo Mile
Davis Jan 7th X X X
 Jan 23 - 25 STSI SC "BB" Championships - South
Barshop Natatorium Jan 12th X X X X
 Feb 07 AAAA SC "C" Championships Palo Alto Jan 27th X X X X X X
 Feb 8 AAAA Post Regional Time Trials
Davis Jan 27th X X X
 Feb 13 - 15 STSI SC STAGS Championships
Palo Alto
Hosted by San Antonio WAVE
Feb 2nd X X X X X

Important Notes Regarding This Meet Calendar and Schedule

1. If the Meet Name is in black, bold-face, on a cream-colored background; the Meet Information is available in PDF and / or Word format from green diamond button links in the right-hand columns.

2. If the Meet Name is in bold-face, please also check the far right-hand columns to determine if an "HYV" File is available for download (green diamond button) to Team Manager.  This file will have the complete Meet Setup including any applicable Time Standards.

3. If  the Results and / or Commlink noted for a particular meet do not have a green diamond button, the necessary files have not been made available to this Site. Please contact the Meet Host.

4. The standard format for USA Swimming Meet Results is Publication Order, but occasionally there are some exceptions with a notation always at the top of the first page.

5. PDF Meet Informations will remain posted for approximately one week after any given meet, then permanently deleted.

6. Scores, when available, will be posted for only 48 to 72 hours.

7. SwmmBkup Files (SBF), when available, will be posted for only two or three weeks.


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