San Antonio

Team  Policies

USA-S Membership:  All Nadadores swimmers are required to be members of USA Swimming, which is the National body that governs the sport and provides insurance for sanctioned meets and practices under certified coaches.  The annual fee is $90.00 per swimmer (includes team registration)and is due to the Head Coach by the 1st of October each year.  Any Nadadores Team  Member attending an SAISD (or any other)  public school under the Federal Free or Reduced Meal Program is only required to pay a $45.00 yearly fee (includes team registration).

The 2015 USA Swimming Registration Forms are available for download via a link on the Home Page of this Web Site.

Meet Entries:  Payment of all meet entry fees is the responsibility if the individual swimmer.  Meet Information and Entry Forms will distributed 10 to 14 days prior to any competition and are due to the Head Coach (Dr. Walker) by the specified deadline.

Travel:  It is the sole responsibility of the parent and/or swimmer to arrange for and provide transportation to (and when necessary lodging for) participation in swimming competitions.