Alamo Area
Aquatic Association

   Final 2016 - 2017 Athlete Rankings  

The Alamo Area Athlete Rankings consider all eligible athletes in the metro area and are not broken down by School Classification.  These rankings are compiled and maintained by René Rodriguez.   However, Mr. Rodriguez  is no way responsible for acquiring the data necessary for compilation nor ensuring their accuracy.  That responsibility lies solely with the coach and / or administrator of each team.  If there appear to be errors of commission or omission, please make contact with the appropriate coach in order to initiate action necessary to correct the problem.   You may contact Mr. Rodriguez at:

03/09/17 - FINAL

03/09/17 - FINAL

San Antonio Metro Area Athlete Ranking Policies

In order to be eligible for inclusion in the Athlete Rankings, which are compiled and  maintained by the Alamo Area Aquatic Association (AAAA); the following criteria apply: 

1. Athletes must be actively enrolled in a High School that is a current member of the Alamo Area High School Swim League (AAHSSL) and also be other wise eligible for participation in competition.

2. Times may be achieved during High School OR USA Swimming Sanctioned or Approved Competition, but are valid for inclusion ONLY when automatic timing systems are in use, i.e., watch times are not eligible.

3. High School coaches and / or administrators are solely responsible for ensuring that accurate and legitimate data are provided to the Rankings Compiler in a timely manner and may be required to provide supporting documentation.

4. The Rankings will re-appear in the fall when the 2017 - 2018 High School season gets under way.