Alamo  Area Aquatic  Association

The Alamo Area Aquatic Association (AAAA) is a 44-year old umbrella organization comprised of five of the USA Swimming Age Group and Masters Teams in the Nation's seventh largest city.  It has some 1,300 registered swimmers working out and competing in several separate, multilane facilities.  AAAA has produced ten Olympic Athletes in three different aquatic sports:





Bruce Hayes

800 Free Relay

Los Angeles - 1984


Greg Losey (Deceased)

Modern Pentathlon

Los Angeles - 1984


Jimbo Haley

Modern Pentathlon

Barcelona - 1992


Walter Soza

200 and 400 Individual Medley, 200 Butterfly

Atlanta - 1996


Rania Elwani

50, 100, and 200 Freestyle

Atlanta - 1996


Jennifer Gutierrez


Sydney - 2000


Celina Lemmen

800 Free Relay Leadoff

Athens - 2004


Sofie Daid

100 and 200 Breaststroke

Athens - 2004


Mahrez Mebarek

200 and 400 Freestyle

Athens - 2004


Aghiles Slimani

100 and 200 Butterfly

Athens - 2004



Much of the future of America is inarguably dependent on the spiritual and physical development of the Nationís youth. Competitive and recreational swimming offer unparalleled opportunities for the development of individual initiative, self-discipline, sound physiques, and a love of sport.  In addition, they can be life-long endeavors.


The Alamo Area Aquatic Association (AAAA) was established in 1977 to serve as an organizational and administrative umbrella for three San Antonio area competitive swim teams, which were then under the auspices of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Just a few years later, the Aquatic Sports sponsored by the AAU, split off and became an independent organizational entity known as United States Swimming (USS).  During the evolution of these various National bodies, the mission and charter of the AAAA has remained constant just as it does today under the auspices of USA Swimming (USA-S).

The organizationís founding was primarily based on the notion that there is indeed strength in numbers and inter-team administrative, operational, and philosophical differences are often counterproductive to the ultimate goals and objectives of competitive swimming programs.

At the time the organization was first established, there were three separate, distinct, and independent Age Group swimming programs in San Antonio one of which, the San Antonio Aquatic Club (SAAC), was the second oldest of its kind in the state of Texas.

The three teams were often at odds with one another over several matters of mutual concern, but particularly the scheduling of meets within the city. It also became obvious that there would undoubtedly be certain advantages to be realized when championship relay teams were selected if all three could somehow resolve their differences in the interest of bettering the sport.  To those ends, the Association has been the impetus to the organization, development, training, and fielding of a premier swim team that effectively represents the San Antonio area in a variety of state, national, and even world competition.

The initial and fledging attempt to organize the administrative elements of the three teams into a loose knit, but still very functional, "consortium" of sorts turned out to be eminently successful. This success can be directly attributed to the fact that the principals involved had the fortitude, wisdom, vision, and good sense to completely put aside domain, personal, personality, and philosophical differences in the sole interest of what would be best for the athletes (all of them) in the San Antonio area.


Today, in the year 2021, AAAA is comprised of all of the school district affiliated year-around USA-S Age Group programs, which operate in this metropolitan area of approximately 1.8 million.  Under the AAAA umbrella these teams, while remaining independent as regards day-to-day operations, philosophy, coaching, and finances; they are very much interdependent when it comes to meet scheduling, athlete progression, championship relay team selection; and several managerial, data processing, and administrative functions.

Each member team is in some way affiliated with a School or Community College District or a University, but the San Antonio Aquatic Club no longer exists.  In September of 2001, the North East Independent School District (NEISD) absorbed the team and re-established it under District management as the North East Aquatic Team (NEAT / AAAA-NE).

The Association currently accounts for about 80% of all the USA-S Registered swimmers in the San Antonio metropolitan area and about 17% of those in all of the South Texas Local Swim Committee (LSC).

Each AAAA team subscribes to the philosophy that competitive swimming organizations, in order to maximize their effectiveness and minimize internal conflicts, must be under the strict leadership, management, direction, and supervision of professional, experienced coaches who are committed to excellence.  To that end, membership in The Association requires that affiliated teams be so organized.

The AAAA has assumed leadership and responsibility for coordinating virtually all aquatic activities in the San Antonio metropolitan area. These include, but are not limited to:


Competitive Swimming (Novice, Age Group, Senior, High School)

Corporate and Private Sponsorships


Masters Swimming

Media Relations

Public service water safety (Police, Fire, etc.)

Red Cross Certifications (WSI, CPR, Lifesaving, etc)

SCUBA Certification

Site bids for major competitions (Olympic Trials, Pan-Am Games, etc.)

Swim America learn-to-swim programs

Water polo


In addition, the Association coordinates the scheduling of high school meets at the various venues in the city in order to ensure appropriate progression of athletes representing more than 50 schools through the season and to avoid conflicts in either age or ability meet schedules.


In the late winter of 2001 into the spring of 2002, the Association determined that a dedicated Web Site was needed in order to properly present and market its services to the public.  To that end, the, com and net domains were identified and acquired at no cost to the Association

Through the generosity of an AAAA parent / official, space on a local server was made available at no cost to the Association.  The necessary / required software was researched and acquired by a private individual, again, at no cost to the Association.  The Web Site was first published to the World-Wide Web on 26 September 2002 and has been in constant operation ever since.

By mid-2005, and as expected, the volunteer services of the original server became unavailable and it was necessary to engage another local service, with significant costs now involved.   That server acquisition was managed privately with no Association involvement.  However, at the outset and for a short period of time in the 2004 - 2005 time frame, the Association did assume responsibility for server costs and domain registrations.  But since mid-2010, the Association has never paid a single cent for any aspect of the Web Site.  All of those costs were and still are managed privately.

As of the first quarter of 2018 and for the past seven plus years, the Association has and has a fully functioning Web Site, with a near full-time Web Master for which they have not been required to pay a single dollar, i.e. a free service to the Association and its public.

In addition, certain management decisions made by the Association's Board of Directors (BoD) during 2010,  negatively impacted the ability of the Web Site to serve its clientele in the manner originally envisioned as they still do today.

All software and all server costs are managed privately have been since late 2010.  The three domains are also owned and managed privately, all as a result of the BoD management decisions noted earlier.  This arrangement is not without its negative repercussions and all attempts to resolve the attendant problems have failed.


The Alamo Area Aquatic Association is established as a Not-for-Profit Organization under the United States Internal Revenue Code (501C[3]) and the laws of the State of Texas.

This document was originally posted on September 1, 2002

This information was current as of  01 January 2021