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AH - Alamo Heights

BL = Block

BU = Burnet CA = Canyon IW = Barshop NE = Davis NS = 1604
PA = Palo Alto NY = New Braunfels Rec Ctr SV = Smithson Valley CL = Canyon Lake TM = Episcopal School of TX SC = Schertz Y SA = SAISD

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= No data have been received from Meet Management

2019 - 2020 San Antonio Metropolitan High School Dual Plus Meet Calendar, Results and Commlinks
Please be certain the Meet Designator is included in the Meet Name when setting any of these meets up in Meet Manager!

Date / Cap

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Meet Name / Team Matchups
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Entry Deadline
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Meet Informations, HYV Files,
Results and Commlinks

2019 - 2020 AAHSSL Dual Plus Season

 Sep 26, 27 & 28          
 Oct 3, 4 & 5          
 Oct 10, 11 & 12          
 Oct 17, 18 & 19          
 Oct 24, 25 & 26          
 Oct 31, Nov 1&2          
 Nov 7, 8 & 9          
Nov 14, 15 & 16          
 Nov 28, 29 & 30          
 Dec 5, 6 & 7          
 Dec 12, 13 & 14          
 Jan 9, 10 & 11          
 Jan 16, 17 & 18          

Important Notes Regarding The "Dual Plus" High School Swimming Data

1. Scores are normally found at the very end of the Results Postings.  Some meets may NOT be scored.

2. If the meet has a red diamond () in the "PDF" column, the Meet Information is available and may be viewed and / or printed by clicking on the diamond.  A PDF  Reader is Required.  See the top of this page on the right-hand side.

3. If the "HYV," "RES," and /or "COM" have red diamond () links, they too may be viewed and / or downloaded by clicking on each of them.  If, instead they have a red "," the data HAVE NOT been made available to this Web Site - please contact the Meet Host.

 4. If a meet has a red check-mark (), the relevant file is NOT available on this Web Site.
 5. "NO DATA" in cells indicates Meet Management did not provide the relevant information and / or data.

6. The default format for High School Results (RES) is Event Order.

7. Commlink (COM) Files are Zipped into a proprietary format useable only by HY-TEK's Team Manager.

 8. Some AAHSSL Dual Plus Meets may not have Entry Deadlines, Meet Informations or HYV Files posted.

9. The use of Meet Designators is an imperative for all communication with the Webmaster concerning any of these meets, for Meet Identification on this Web Site, in Meet Informations and at the end of the season when PDF, RES and COM are archived.