Alamo Area
Aquatic Association

Useful Information and Forms for Meet Directors, Administrators and Officials
( Files are in PDF unless otherwise noted)

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2018 Non-Athlete USA Swimming Registration

Fly-over Starts

USA-S Meet Manager Data Entry Form

NTV Form A (Word)

Report of Occurrence

Declared False Start

NTV Form A

Official's Deck Log (Word)

High School Deck Assignment Sheet

NTV Form B (Word)

Swimmers with Disabilities

Generic Deck Assignment Sheet

NTV Form B

High School Generic DQ Slip

Memo of Non-participation

Relay Take-off Ballots  (Feb '16)

High School Comprehensive DQ Slip (Nov '15)

Scratch Form

2012 UIL Team Codes

USA-S Generic DQ Slip

Time Adjustment Form

High School False Start Confirmation

May 2014 USA-S Comprehensive DQ Slip

USA-S Observed Swim DQ Memo

  USA-S False Start Confirmation

500-yard Lap Counter

  No Show Memo

  800 & 1500-meter Lap Counters

1000 & 1650-yard Lap Counters

Outreach Verification Form