2017 - 2018 San Antonio Metropolitan Area
High School Diving Calendar and Results

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Final Results

Sep 22 AAHSSL Invite PA 6 One D17-01  
Oct 6 AAHSSL Invite NS 6 One D17-02  
Oct 12 AAHSSL Invite SA 6 One D17-03  
Oct 20 AAHSSL Invite NS 6 One D17-01  
Nov 2 AAHSSL Invite SA 6 One D17-04  
Nov 3 AAHSSL Invite PA 6 One D17-05  
Nov 18 AAHSSL Fall Invite BL 11 One D17-06  
Nov 30 - Dec 2 South Zone TISCA PA 11 One and Three D17-07  
Dec 14 AAHSSL Invite SA 6 One D17-08  
Dec 16 AAHSSL Invite PA 11 One D17-09  
Jan 4 AAHSSL Invite SA 6 One D17-10  
Jan 6 State Preview Invite NE 11 One D17-11  
Jan 13 AAHSSL Winter Invite BL 11 One D17-12  

Dive Sheets are due by 12-noon the Tuesday prior to the Dual Plus Meets - others as per the respective Meet Information.

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Northside ISD

Palo Alto College

San Antonio ISD

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  Kristin Libardoni

  Shanea Allen   Malachi Nellum
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