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Data and Information Table for the NTRO vs AAAA Invitational Dual Posted Below   10/17









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2017 AAAA vs NTRO Invitational
Northside ISD Aquatic Complex
October 20, 21 and 22

Psych Sheet
649 Athletes

Coaches meet @1645
Warm-ups begin @ 1700
Officials meet @ 1715
Sprint lanes open @ 1730
Event check-ins by 1730
Clear pools @ 1750
National Anthem @ 1757
Competition begins @ 1800

Saturday & Sunday:
Warm-ups begin @ 0700
Officials meet @ 0745
Sprint lanes open @ 0800
Clear pools @ 0820
National Anthem @ 0827
Competition begins @ 0830
Event check-ins by 0830

Meet Mobile will be active!

Estimated time lines:
Friday finish @ 1955
Saturday finish @ 1445
Sunday finish @ 1435

Final Results and the Commlink will be posted on the Club Calendar and Results Page as soon as the data are made available by the Meet Host.


Attention current and prospective Diving Judges!

A Clinic will be conducted on Monday, October 23rd
1604 Natatorium Classroom
1800 to 2000. 

The 2017 - 2018 NFHS Rules will be discussed with a review of the previous season
Assistance with the current testing process will be available

Please RSVP at:

If you just want to learn but not take the test, please join us.
The RSVP link allows you to let us know you are attending but will not seek certification. 

If you are wish to be tested on your own please follow these steps:

Go to
Log in, register, select swimming and diving chapter
Once registered, click on testing (on the black bar menu across the top of the page)
As soon as you have completed AND passed the test, please e-mail a copy of the confirmation
 note to:
The absolute deadline for Registration AND Testing is 2359 on November 14th!


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