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This Web Site was first published on the World Wide Web in September of 2002, so it is now in its 20th year of existence. While it has, to date, always been a communications arm of the Alamo Area Aquatic Association (AAAA). However, AAAA has never contributed a single dollar to its conception, design, software, domain acquisition, hosting or maintenance. From the outset the Site was a volunteer effort providing AAAA with a totally free Web resource with a near full-time Webmaster.

In recent days it has been revealed that the AAAA Board of Directors (BoD) has agreed to permit some elements of the organization to no longer maintain any affiliation with this Site and will not be contributing data and / or information for posting. This was an entirely unilateral decision made by the respective element, with the approval of the BoD, and absent coordination of any sort with Site Management.

It is somewhat difficult to understand why any organization would choose to give up a functioning service which costs it nothing, but that appears to be the case. However, it is also known that the matter has its roots in certain events of some 11 years ago, which would seem to make the entire matter appear to be some sort of personal vendetta. The when and the who of all this are well-known, but the why has never been revealed.

As a consequence of this decision by the BoD, most Pages internal to this Site have been made unreachable and currently all that remains is the shell of external links and even they will most likely be gone by summer. It is also quite possible this Site may very well become completely absent from the Web in the not too distant future. Its future is entirely dependent on what, if anything, the BoD elects to do regarding its possible resurrection.


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